Azienda Agricola La Chiara

Gavi, Piemonte

La Chiara is a family-owned wine estate of around 25 hectares just outside the town of Gavi in the hills of Piedmont. Dario Bergaglio, and his father Roberto, have been working hard to raise the quality of the estate’s wines and they have introduced many technological advances, including the use of nitrogen to keep the grapes fresh during crushing and fermentation. The result is white wines of great elegance and fragrance, with tons of complexity and finesse.

The Ciaparin is made from 100% Chardonnay, unoaked for maximum freshness and minerality. Ciaparin  is a fresh, floral, dry and elegant white wine that is excellent as an aperitif and with cold dishes such as chicken salads, as well as with roast chicken, fish  and pork.

Gavi La Chiara is a classic Gavi made form 100% Cortese grapes grown in hillside vineyards overlooking the picturesque town of Gavi in the Piedmont hills. This is a deliciously fresh, fragrant and crisp dry white wine with wonderful white fruit aromas and fine complexity. It is a lovely aperitif and very good too with a range of dishes, especially chicken, grilled fish, soft cheeses and risotto.

The Gavi Gropella comes from older vines and is both vinified and aged in small oak barrels for a much fuller, richer, more complex flavour.

Dario’s Spumante is a great example of the style and quality of sparkling wine, made by the traditional Champagne method, coming from Italy now. It is beautifully elegant and rich, full of flavour and a real discovery in my book.

Ciaparin 2019, Chardonnay, DOC€264 per case
Gavi 2019, DOCG€276 per case
Gavi Gropella 2019, DOCG€336 per case
Spumante Brut La Chiara Metodo Classico nv€420 per case